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This is a community for all graphics made my tonic2w to be posted and shared. It will be a place to catalog all of the icons, banners and backgrounds that I have made and continue to makes. I love sharing what I make but I have had too many people stealing icons and claiming them to be theirs to not create a better method of keeping track of who is using my work. Graphics take time and energy and there is no greater pleasure for an artist when someone likes your work enough to use it. I just needed a way to cut down on others taking my work and claiming they made it.

Please feel free to join. The only way I will boot you is if I see you somewhere saying you made something I did. Proper credit is all I ask and I hope you like what I make as much as I like making it. Once you join, navigating fandoms should be easy enough through tags. I will tag every entry with what fandom(s) it includes.

Welcome and Enjoy!
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