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tonic2w_iconage's Journal

Graphics made by tonic2w
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Welcome to the graphics community of tonic2w. This is my haven. It is where I will post all of my graphics for people to grab for sharing. It's a friend's only community so you do have to be a member to start looking for icons you may want. Please feel free to join to see what I've done.

The community will be easily searchable using tags. I will make sure that every entry has a tag of what fandom(s) the entry is about. I am going to do my best to keep it simple and organized. My goal is to also find a way to make it as easily searchable from this info page or possibly utilizing memories.

To credit my Photoshop brushes & Textures: Some were taken from random internet sites, some I made myself, and... some are from 77words, dirtyfootprints, fadeastride, ilmare, inxsomniax, pekeana, desiderio, cosmo_mouse, scarsonchest, cassie47, darkslight, xenylamine, cdg_brushes, inexorablyhere, michmellow, immodica, incarnatus, drako_malfoy, gaelic_aoife, palmaceae, myownsatellite, hanako_lovely, cala_jane, kurogane, dojie, lovetheories, braggadocio_org, noctuidae, fyre_paved, saturness, nine_am, colorfilter, hermyonegranger, iroka, quiettype, hitzusin, myrasis, medelle, miggy, setsuntamew, dragong, dj43, any_otherday serendipitysho, crumblingwalls, september_icons and icons_with_love

I'd also like to give credit to aemenangel for sharing her many screencaps made from a High Quality version of the Supernatural Episodes. Most of my icons are made from her wonderful screencaps.